Load Cycle is a visual trance that journeys the daily odyssey of the “chaucheros” (longshoremen) of the Port of Masusa, in the Amazon River. This beach is where dozens of ships that supply Iquitos, the largest city in the world without land connection, unload.

A ceaseless hustle through which the resources of the jungle are also bled out towards the mainland.

These men make colossal efforts to survive under the sun. They carry on their backs more than 120kg without wheels or cranes, submerged in a noisy shipwreck of over 400 years of exploitation.



Nominations and awards

“With his extraordinary use of the camera and editing, he manages to capture in a powerful way – at once poetic and fierce – the daily reality of the porters from the port of Iquitos.”

Jury of Trujillo Film Festival 2020

“An exercise regarding the contemplation of a routine. Loading Cycle (2019) is a documentary that attends from a particular perspective to the labor task of the longshoremen of the Masusa port, located in the city of Iquitos. Daniel Martínez alludes to the filmographic tradition that observes the “little extraordinary” interposed by a filter that stylizes and dramatizes the image. That is, in the eyes of the cinema, the habitual action is capable of becoming a plastic and aesthetic experience. principles of cinema, the Russian theorist and director Dziga Vertov used in his desire to seek new forms of expression, for example, by altering the register of the real or the human eye. Martínez goes back to this theory called “cine-eye” . His film stretches the times, dynamizes the perspectives of vision by continually changing angles and planes, in addition, he unbalances the sound sequences. In short, he decomposes the laws of reality in order to stimulate r the senses.”

Carlos Esquives, Jury of Trujillo Film Festival 2020


Daniel Martinez-Quintanilla


The longshoremen of a port that does not exist

Daniel Martinez-Quintanilla

director · cAmEra · editor

Julio Blanca


Mariano Cócolo


Yannick Nolin

ejecutivE PRODUCER

Arsenio Cadena


Carolina Bernal


Bladimir Nolasco



This documentary was created in the 23rd edition of the KINOMADA lab which took place in Iquitos (Perú). From 19th to 28th november 2019, about fifty filmmakers from 13 different countries gathered at this location, also known as the capital of the peruvian Amazonia, the biggest city in world without land conection, only reachable through river or flight.

KINOMADA is a non profitable organization founded in 2009 which works in production, creation and distribution of international short films. This organization arrange and organize intensive nomad labs creating short films that promotes the exchange of knowledge between cultures from around the world.

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